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Review : blendSMART

When people talk about having flawless makeup what they usually mean is that awesome airbrushed look that can only be achieved with the right combo of tools and techniques. (If you throw on $70 foundation with a spackle, you’ve wasted your $70!)

Enter blendSMART! I was excited to give their brush set a try as I am always looking to achieve that very blended soft finish with all of my liquid or powder products.  Their product line up includes the battery-powered handle and several interchangeable heads for product.

Right off, I was impressed at the softness of the bristles and the ease at which the heads swap out. I’m a big sigma F80 devotee for my foundation application and this was marvelously similar- a dense flat head on the brush that blended beautifully but had enough heft to really work in the product! For a quick side by side, you can see below how the size and shape compare…

Like any beauty junkie, I tore right into the box but I was sooooo glad I read the instructions before firing up this beauty! The smartBLEND brush is at its best when you dot liquid product on your face then turn on the brush and buff it in. I also loved that the instructions let me know to not go on circular motions (the brush does that for you!) and instead move in almost a grid motion over your face.

Where I personally think this product really shines is on powder product application. It gave me a gorgeous diffused finish with my setting powder when I swapped out the foundation brush for the powder attachment. I could also see myself getting excited about the blush head to do some lovely all over bronzing.

Since its vibe (literally!) is blend, blend,blend it works wonderfully for soft washes of color. You’ll still want some standard precision brushes to contour on top or under that, but this system is great for ensuring there are no harsh lines in your face makeup. I also think this would be great for any gal who has never before used a foundation brush and currently uses a sponge or some other applicator! You’ll notice a huge difference in how much product you save and really get an idea of what motion it takes to give that airbrushed finish to your makeup.

Have you tried the blendSMART? Let me know in the comments if you’ve got other great tips for a fabulous foundationfinish!

FTC Disclaimer: I was provided the blendSMART in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the companies who make Elle’s Equations possible!

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