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Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Picks 2016 


Leather Jacket 99 USD ||  Striped Tunic 45 USD || Boyfriend Jeans 45 USD || Cream Cape 180 USD || Space Dye Tunic 29 USD || Round Watch 16 USD || Leopard Flat 90 USD || Black Tote 39 USD || Black Spike Flat 70 USD 

OMG ladies it is basically Christmas!!! Anyone else wake up full of joy and ready to buy booties?!! Full confession- my wallet ate it this year as I piled beauty upon beauty into my cart at the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. It is easily one of their best on record over the past few years for well-priced work and weekend staples that you can invest in. The above quick picks caught my eye but I’ll be reviewing many more as my purchases make their way to me in NYC!!! Very excited that next year I’ll get to blog from Nordstrom in the Big Apple when our first Nordstrom store here opens.  Here’s a few tips that have helped me navigate the sale effectively online:

1) Treat your wish list like a cart on your first run through the goodies sorted by customer faves. Pile it in! Sort of cute? Goes on the list! Hey I’ve always wanted a green dress! Goes on the list! Ooh! I can give that to my mom for Xmas! You get the idea …..the first pass for me is always unedited blissful piling on as if I’m an oil heiress. It’s wildly fun. Give it a go.

2) Reality filter. Return to being yourself. Remember that you work for a living and only need – eh – one pair of leather pants at best. Edit that ish in your wish list and start moving stuff to the cart. (This also helps me see things side by side.  It’s similar a bit in the way I’d compare things in a live dressing room.)

3) Take another pass through categories specific to your shopping needs. For me this ends up looking usually like another run through dresses and boots to be sure what’s in my cart is my fave of the bunch. Marvel at how bold and daring people will think you are wearing white on the subway in January. (100% I am spilling coffee on that cape…)

4) Next, I’ll sort everything by price. (MAJOR TIP: you can only sort all items in the NSALE on your phone through the app so crazy die hard gals like myself might want to double fist it with your phone in hand while you laptop navigate.  Or triple fist it if you’re balancing a celebratory cocktail to congratulate yourself on the fine judgement you’ve displayed picking out sale blazers.)

5) Check the “work” category one last time. Dang N, it’s like you know I only want to buy ripped jeans but really need to replace my sensible black commuter flats. Well played.

6) Check out. Feel the comfort of knowing that you won’t keep everything coming your way. For God’s sake you have to make rent!

7) Lastly, your stuff is likely to come in multiple shipments. Try your darndest to try everything on at once. It’s much too easy to keep things that are just “ok” instead of perfect when you’re not comparing it to the total stash you’ve made the postman suffer through. I find when I open and stuff things in my closet in drips and drabs I end up keeping way more than if if tried it all on at once like a normal fitting room experience!

What tips do you have for the Nordstrom Sale? What was your favorite thing you picked up?!

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