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The Makeup Show NYC : 2016 Review

The Makeup Show NYC: 2016 Review

What an incredible year at The Makeup Show! If you’ve not yet heard of it, the Makeup Show is a professional industry event where some of the industries top brands come together to share their products, and engage in presentations on business skills, artistry techniques, and to share new products! The event is for professionals in the beauty industry and both tickets and credentials are required.  If you’re a makeup artist, stylist, or other beauty professional this is a MUST attend event.

I had the privilege this year to attend for the first time and get to see some of the great brands and new products on display. The makeup show is awesome for not only stocking your makeup kit with classics that you know you repurchase again and again, but also for getting exposed to new brands that you might not yet have heard of!

These gorgeous painted gals welcomed us all into the main entrance hall…..


and the place was buzzing with crazy crowds and plenty of lines!



The full line up of all the brands represented can be found here! I gravitate toward a few tried and true brands–Nars, Make Up Forever, and MAC to replenish my pro kit. All three were offering fantastic discounts to credentialed professionals– 30 percent, 40-50 percent, and 20 percent off respectively.  This is incredibly helpful when you know you go through 10 pans of Brun a year for brows!! (You MAC lovers out there feel me here….)  While of course the discounts are specific to the show, I thought I’d list the top products from these brands I always look to stock up on and continue to repurchase again and again.  You know that when you’re willing to buy something a few times over, it’s a true staple in your beauty kit! 🙂


— The Multiple (Orgasm) || 39 USD ||  This cream to powder allover color stick is my ride or die weekend b. What’s on my cheeks on a Saturday? This. And pretty much only this. It’s the perfect shade and the pinky orange hue gives a lovely glow any time of year.

— Audacious Lipsticks (ALL) || 32 USD || I truly couldn’t decide on a favorite color here.  Pick Anna, Janet, or any of the punchier hues and find yourself swathed in gorgeous creamy sheen color that lasts like crazy.  This is hands down my favorite lipstick on the market right now.

— Satin Lip Pencil (Palais Royal) || 26 USD || Palais Royal is almost all I wear on my lips in the fall. There are a number of other beautiful shades but this is one I reach for from September on!


— Shadows (SO MANY!) || 16 USD || I’m going to run you down a list of fave colors here just for fun, but really with this selection, you can spend hours swatching and still want to walk away with them all! Some of my repurchased staples include Orb, Brun, Saddle, Plum Dressing, Beauty Marked, Shale, Kid, Twinks, Deep Damson, and Satin Taupe.  If you’re even slightly an eyeshadow junkie, do yourself the favor of going the way of the palette and buy single pans.  It’s a significantly better value at $6 a pan!

Make Up Forever:

— Ultra HD Invisible Foundation  (Color 118) || 42 USD || I love the HD foundation and this new stick formula goes on gorgeously and stays all day. Color conversion from the past product is easy; pop into a sephora if you need additional help!

— HD Pressed Powder (No Color) || 36 USD || I am not a huge fan of powders but like a little something to set my foundation before I powder contour on top of it.  Enter the HD pressed powder.  Remember earlier versions in that little pot?! What a mess! Half of it ended up in my lap instead of on my face so I’m nuts about their newer pressed version which travels well too!


By far my favorite keynote speaker was the amazing Scott Barnes, below.  You know him from oh, I don’t know, everyone’s face you want to look like – J. Lo, Kim Kardashian. He’s the master of the “glow” and really piloted the lit from within look. In his keynote address he took a gal from makeup less to naturally gorgeous and polished in just a few minutes.

One of the tips I loved is that he talked about how to expertly nose contour.  He said that most people blend the nose contour line out, and down the sides of the nose, which ends up looking muddy and wastes product. (Who knew!?) Instead, he suggested tip your head sideways and blend up and out toward the bridge of the nose, which also helps soften the highlight! It’s fabulous little tips like this that make it worthwhile to stick around for the great discussions throughout the event.



Overall, this was an excellent experience and I look forward to The Makeup Show NYC 2017! If I could do anything different, I would definitely go for the full two days and be sure to get in very early the first day to get shopping out of the way! That leaves plenty of time to re-enter over the next couple of days to get to any presentations you want to be sure to hit.  While I didn’t attend the networking career fair that’s held on Day 2, that also seems to be a perfect place to drop by and get to know other brands and ways to work further in the beauty industry. Have you attended the Makeup Show in New York or another city? Let me know how you enjoyed it in the comments!

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