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Fashionably Informed: 5 November 2016


I love this quote. Gratitude is always my center, and whenever I’m feeling a little bit off, I try to remind myself of all the things in life that have blessed me. It’s a perfect sentiment this time of year, because it also helps stave off some of the feelings that creep up when we get into shop-o-palooza or maybe start comparing our family goings on to other people’s. What we have, is enough.

1 – Whatever your political opinion, remember what it took to get us gals to vote, both here and abroad. Don’t waste this gift that millions of women the world around still can’t take advantage of. Vote

2 – If sheer sentiment isn’t reason enough to drive us to voting as an act of equality, consider that we may not be on equal economic footing until 2186, according to the World Economic Forum.

3 – Let’s just roll with this women empowerment week and slap on this subtle little hint of strength to stack with our watches.

4 – Nothing makes me feel quite as tough as a red lip. This one is a deep sultry wine that while seemingly challenging as a color, has a beautiful formula that lasts and lasts.

5 – While pinterest is intent on reminding us that not all super heros wear capes, I’m still strongly endorsing a cape to be your most super self. This Halogen grey, hooded one is so sleek and urban. Web fashion stalkers will notice that it’s a dupe of Atlantic Pacific’s DKNY that was very popular last year.

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