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Fashionably Informed : 04 September 2016


We’ll call this the Italian edition because I’m writing this after a really solid nap on the beach of Positano. I was inspired to check in on all things I should know about Italy right now. 

1) My life goals continue to include finding a lace skirt that will make me look like Sophia Loren. This $23 one will tide me over until I find an investment version. 

2) Relatedly, your best makeup here is a strong lip and this matte lasts and lasts with punchy color to boot. 

3) Despite my best efforts to dump dollars into every pizzeria along our way, Italy’s economy is stagnating and a banking crisis is looming. 

4) Relatedly, Italy has the third oldest population in the world setting them up for some rough times in the next few decades related to social support commitments. 

5) You know what they do exceptionally well? Caccio e Pepe. Like you’ll want a bowl every day for the rest of your life. Serious eats has the only legit classic recipe you need in your life to replicate your Roman eats experience. 

6) After eating all the things, caftans are a travel godsend. Leave it to H&M to not only make the handful I’ve packed, but explain where they originated. 

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