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Sneaker + Slip On = The Joie Kidmore



Joie Kidmore Sneaker || 190 USD

Ladies my search for the perfect weekend sneaker has ended! For a while, I thought I was in the market for the ubiquitious New York City black Nike, but I just couldn’t find one that fit the bill as far as looking sleek, slipping on easily, and having a nice thin sole.  Enter the Joie Kidmore. It was easily my favorite of the myriad sneaks I’ve slipped my foot in the past few months. Also how cool is this snake skin detail? It caught my eye because it was slightly interesting, but subtle enough to still go with anything I’ll throw on over the weekend.

While the price was on the upper end of what I’d pay for a normal slip on sneaker, their all-leather construction and comfort won me over. Gals were split on sizing on the site – but I took my normal size and it worked out perfectly since the leather will stretch a little. I think where ladies experienced the rubbing mentioned was where they sized up for tightness around the bridge of the foot, then got too much length and were slipping around. (That’s a lot of detail, but there you go!) For those of you not sold on the Kidmore, I’ve included some of the others I was scouting that were top contenders.

Do you have a favorite comfy weekend sneaker? Let me know in the comments!

Wardrobe Addition

Floral Pumps : Step Into Spring!

Steve Madden 'Varcityy' Suede Pointy Toe Pump, 4 1/4" heel

Steve Madden || Varcityy Pump|| 67 USD

I have a pair of floral pumps that I am nuts about, and that seem to go with everything.  In the way that Jenna taught us leopard is a neutral , I’d argue that these bad boys are the spring equivalent.  They are the perfect bright punch with all black.  (My New York self still can’t help but be in black head to toe most days!)  Also, depending on the pattern, they can be a marvelous way to pull out and highlight a color from your outfit.  The bar below has all sorts of fun picks! From the dreamy Manolos to the budget Charlotte Russe, there’s a floral pump to be added to your closet this spring!

Wardrobe Addition

Farewell Piperlime!

Piperlime Closing Its Doors April 30th!

Finders Keepers Top || 42 USD

You’ve of course already heard that we’re in the final days of our fabulous Piperlime.  If you are willing to comb through some remaining inventory, and can deal with not being able to return anything, there are some amazing finds to still be had! Use the code GOODBYE before April 20th at Piperlime at checkout for an additional 50 percent off.  Some of my farewell picks are below (all prices cited are post-coupon.)  Did you find anything great as this fabulous retailer wraps up?!

Piperlime Trench || 25 USD

Wild Heart Dress || 22 USD

Cameo Night Tale Dress || 75 USD

Wardrobe Addition

Statement Necklaces For Spring

Kate Spade via Rent The Runway

Lately I’ve been in the mood for ridiculously large necklaces.  A statement necklace is an obviously simple way to jazz up any look!  My favorite way to wear one in spring is with a black maxi dress, slouchy booties, and a fitted leather jacket.  Something about the mix of a very bold piece of jewelry with other items that are traditionally a bit more of a boho style are a fun mix for me.  I snagged this stunner off of rent the runway, and I always forget that there is more to them than just their gorgeous dresses!  Sometimes all you really need is that accessory addition to make your outfit perfect, and it’s a great way to give your basics a completely new look.  How do you style such a statement piece?

Wardrobe Addition

Rose Gold Accessories : Wardrobe Addition 

Just when I think I’ve seen enough rose gold, I can be talked into this color palette again. From the shiny shoes to the lovely desk orbs, these little touches give you a hit of pink with that warm copper background that makes the blush hue a bit more grown up. I think my favorite piece here is that rebel barrette, which would be fabulous slipped in a braid or the edge of a bun for your weekend hair. Looking for a new way to wear rose gold in 2015? Pair this spring standout with navy for a different take on incorporating it with your neutrals.

Rose Gold watch

Glasses || Rebel Pin|| Michael Kors Watch|| Bracelet|| Naked3 Palette || Earrings || Desk Decor || Ted Baker Heels|| Key Ring

Wardrobe Addition

Wardrobe Addition: Tangerine

Robinson Leather WOC || Tory Burch || 295 USD

I was so excited about last week’s aquamarine addition that I thought we’d take another look at Pantone’s spring colors and try our hand at tangerine.  While it looks a bit intimidating upon first glance, it is a remarkably wearable color for all skin tones and shades.  An obviously easy way to work in this color is as an accessory that won’t compete with your hair or complexion.  Tangerine plays surprisingly well with pink, which we’ll see later this week, and can make any of your neutrals more exciting.  Anything with a warm undertone looks lovely next to tangerine so think buck, cognac, luggage, and all things toasty browns.