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Fashion Formulas

Fashion Formulas

Recent Fall Beauty Favorites

This time of year I generally focus on stocking up on skin care instead of makeup.  Once the weather changes, I find that my skin needs a little extra TLC and it seems to shift every year whether or not that means oil control or ultra hydration! Of course, I’m also always suckered in by the fabulous holiday sets and lines that come out this time of year. Right now, I’m loving some of the products that came out in the nutcracker sets by MAC.  Here are a few things I’m into this fall….


5 of My Fall Favorites

1 – This foundation has become my go to. Normally I’m an Armani Luminous Silk gal, but this new hourglass has the same blend-ability but much more of a fall, satin or velvet finish. It’s just the kind of coverage you want going into winter.

2 – The bite lip mask is an essential for me in fall.  I put it on at night and wake up with smooth, plump lips that can handle all of those dark matte shades we’re into this time of year!

3- Amore Pacific is one of the best skin care lines out there and I don’t think they get quite as much play as they deserve. I’m obsessed with this aging serum, but you’ll also love their hydrating spray (an airplane essential for me!) and their cleanser for a deep clean that doesn’t strip your face of key oils it needs in the winter!

4- This is one of those fab MAC products I’m loving! The nutcracker collection MAC put out has a bunch of fun colors and great pallets. If you happen to live in a neck of the woods where the whisper of gilt/blush combo isn’t sold out buy a hundred. (And maybe sell a few on eBay and finance your student loan payments.)

5- This “mask” has been a welcome addition to my Sunday beauty routine. Its texture is a little different, almost goopy and it certainly doesn’t harden like a traditional mask.  That said, it is immensely restorative and feels like something your facialist keeps up her sleeve when you ask for “brightening.” It marries well with another hydrating treatment to follow it’s somewhat astringent finish.

Fashion Formulas

Moody Fall Outfit

When the weather crisps up a bit, I get ready for an outfit that’s got a little edge and a little more of a moody feel. I’m in love with turtleneck sweater dresses. They do double duty keeping you super warm and super chic at the same time. Add over the knee boots and some killer jewelry and you’ve got a quick outfit that can go from casual to dressy depending on how you accessorize it and whether or not your boots have a heel.


Acne Studios Dress || OTK Boot  || Bite Lipstick || Celine

Black + Crystal Jewels

To add some of that fall vibe, I’m loving black crystal jewelry. I think it’s a bit less expected than your typical ‘j.crew’ looking crystal but still looks polished and sophisticated. A few of my fave pieces are in the shopping bar below.

Asset Class, Fashionably Informed

Gucci Soho Disco Review

We all have that bag we lust over and have on our life wish lists and maybe even need to save a lifetime of pennies for! Well for me that bag has been the Gucci Soho Disco

I’ll start with saying that I’m not a purse girl in the sense that I have a hundred bags that I’m constantly rotating through. I’m a fan of just a few investment bags that will go with anything and can be pieces I wear year after year.  
As such, I’ve been eyeing this beauty for quite some time knowing it would be the bag I would grab every weekend. I was lucky enough to finally splurge and pull the trigger on my recent trip to Florence. There seemed no better place to bring it home from than the flagship store there (which  PS, I was obviously geeking out at. Least chic and chill Gucci shopper in the room!) 

Bottom Line: It’s the perfect weekend bag if you’re a girl who likes a light purse, a leather shoulder strap, and struggles getting an overstuffed wallet out of your typical cross body. (I’m looking at you my ever-loved Rebecaca Minkoff MAC!) 

Colors: If you’ve been here for even a second, you know I’m partial to the nudes so for me black was the obvious choice followed by the rose beige leather which is a lovely light nude. On Gucci’s website, you can also get it in red, off-white leather, metallic, and black Python (though at a higher price.) Sometimes other retailers like Saks and Neiman Marcus have really fun colors, most of which go on a small discount as seasons close out so that’s a great place to look for a slightly more affordable version!

Size: The bag is 8x6x2.7 meaning for me it’s the perfect weekend size and is really the Goldilocks of cross bodies – not too small, not too big. It weighs in at less than a pound, which is essential for me in a weekend bag because I hate running around the city with something giantic that makes my shoulder ache by the end of the day! First world problems, but you purse-over Packers feel me.

Structure: Another awesome selling point for me was the limited small pockets inside. I also initially was a bit turned off by it being fabric lined at this price point, but quickly learned that’s what contributes to it being so light! Another tiny detail that is probably not noticeable to most gals but totally won me over is that the zipper actually comes down the sides of the bag a bit, making it open really wide for such a slim profiled bag.  This means it’s so easy to get to all of your junk, and you’re not fishing around in a tiny dark hole when you can’t remember where you shoved your metro card.  No? Just me?

All told, this thing is just a dream and I know I’ll be nuts about it for years to come.

Do you have an investment bag that has become your go-to? What do you love about it? 

Fashion Formulas, Wardrobe Addition

Sneaker + Slip On = The Joie Kidmore



Joie Kidmore Sneaker || 190 USD

Ladies my search for the perfect weekend sneaker has ended! For a while, I thought I was in the market for the ubiquitious New York City black Nike, but I just couldn’t find one that fit the bill as far as looking sleek, slipping on easily, and having a nice thin sole.  Enter the Joie Kidmore. It was easily my favorite of the myriad sneaks I’ve slipped my foot in the past few months. Also how cool is this snake skin detail? It caught my eye because it was slightly interesting, but subtle enough to still go with anything I’ll throw on over the weekend.

While the price was on the upper end of what I’d pay for a normal slip on sneaker, their all-leather construction and comfort won me over. Gals were split on sizing on the site – but I took my normal size and it worked out perfectly since the leather will stretch a little. I think where ladies experienced the rubbing mentioned was where they sized up for tightness around the bridge of the foot, then got too much length and were slipping around. (That’s a lot of detail, but there you go!) For those of you not sold on the Kidmore, I’ve included some of the others I was scouting that were top contenders.

Do you have a favorite comfy weekend sneaker? Let me know in the comments!

Fashion Formulas

Tan Totes for Spring

Tan + Tote

As you gals have seen, black is a year round color for me.  I can’t help myself and can’t even blame it on New York. (Though, after a few hours sitting in a filthy subway car, you totally get why it’s the state color.) I’m seemingly always in need of bags that are gigantic, that I can throw my whole life in and be set for the day. Enter my effort to spring up my look and swap out my daily black commuting tote with something a little lighter.  A few of my faves are below, though the Claire V down there is probably what I’ll be splurging over. Do you have a tote that you love for spring ?

Fashion Formulas

Fashionably Informed : 8 May 2016

I’m spring cleaning this weekend in a big way. In NYC that means you actually have to schedule the Goodwill to come to your door and pick up the piles of clothes and shoes you were too lazy to walk there throughout the year. Insert embarrass emjoi here. Did anyone else tackle a closet clean out recently! 

1) Zimbabwe is running out of cash and pressing print on the presses to keep up. (Hint: Their incredible reliance on imports will keep Thai problem around for the foreseeable future.)

2) I wanted to love this Kat Von D matte lipstick more than I do. The color is gorgeous at first but seems to dry to a muddier shade that bleeds a bit after wear. It’s also very drying which I know I’m generally in for with a matte shade, but this one feels excessively so. Bummer. 

3) Cooking for mom this weekend? I loved this roundup of brunch recipes that you can use whenever. Because skillet Heuvos Racheros doesn’t have its own holiday. Yet. 

4) This geometric tote from Zara is doubling as my gym bag and weekend shopper. For less than $40 I feel just fine about that. 

5) It is on my bucket list to one day wear a ridiculously large pink feathery hat to the Kentucky Derby. Here’s a fabulous roundup of the events style through the years!