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March 2016

Fashionably Informed

Fashionably Informed : 28 March 2016

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1) Instagram has heard our roar. Apparently the outcry surrounding the new algorithm has caused them to actually take a beat on the rollout.

2) I forgot how much I love this lip color for spring.

3) Brexit news continues to rumble with the general consensus being that economic problems for both the EU and the U.K. will abound if it manages to come to fruition.

4)  Inspired by street food from around the world Vandal is one of the best NYC restaurants right now.  Longer review to follow this week!

5) I’m sure you’re equally obsessed with the Skimm. These ladies are chatting at Chase about what they wish they would have known when starting their business.

Fashion Formulas

Fashionably Informed : March 24 2016

  Source: Bens Garden

It’s a perfectly swampy Friday morning in the big apple which means spring is happening right. this. second. So I’m ok with it. Here’s a few reads that caught my eye. 

1) Jennifer Aniston’s morning routine ? Yes please. I’m loving her smoothie recipe and frankly that she nonchalantly mentions that she eats toast.  There’s hope for all of us. 

2) Things are  looking rough in Brazil. Compound a fiscal crisis with the threat of impeachment for President Dilma and the “car wash” seems the least of their troubles. 

3) My little brother is pretty nuts about Bernie. This Washington Post article suggests that many millennials are really excited about  socialism. Until they get a job. 

4) I’m a big believer that emotional intelligence is the most important career skill to polish. Career Contessa reminds us why it matters. 

5) My face has been truly saved by Sunday Riley. Namely, their Luna Sleeping Oil is the stuff dreams are made of. Goes on blue, rubs in clear, and you wake with the skin of a 17 year old. Win. 

Fashion Formulas

Solving Style : Trench Coat School

Trench Coat School

I have been on the hunt for the perfect trench coat for a good three years now.  I almost always find something slightly wrong with the offerings, not having a spare couple of grand to throw at the Burberry perfection that we all really want.  As with many of the classics, trench coats are one of the trickiest things to get right because it’s in the formula of the tiny details that either makes or breaks it.  We’ll start with the presumption that this sort of easy elegance is what we’re all hoping to achieve, and we’ll go through the details of how to get there….

trench perfection

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Ordered Pair

Ordered Pair : Valentino Rockstud Sandals Edition

Valentino Rockstud Dupes

Betseyville Sandal          Valentino Rockstud Sandal

You know how a dupe never looks quite right? Maybe there’s an extra strap, or the heel isn’t quite as high, or perhaps the color is a little off.  I’m calling it right now that these babies are going down in the dupe hall of fame for some of the best takes on a Valentino Rockstud I’ve seen! Let’s get really geeky here. Count those front studs on each sandal – four.  Two buckled ankle straps.  Connection to the back strap.  Sigh.  (Insert applause for Betsey.) I think sandals are one of the easier things to get right in a dupe because there is less opportunity for the leather to look fake or cheap.  Also, I don’t know about you, but I beat my sandals to hell in the summer, so I also almost never think of sandals as an “investment shoe.”  (If you’re going big on a spendy shoe, put your money into a nude pump.)  Anyway, naturally you’re going to run not walk to your nearest target to fetch these little gems.  They might still be around in stores in the nude color as well, but are sold out in it online.  At least snag the black immediately, and wait for the compliments to roll in this summer.