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April 2015

Wardrobe Addition

Farewell Piperlime!

Piperlime Closing Its Doors April 30th!

Finders Keepers Top || 42 USD

You’ve of course already heard that we’re in the final days of our fabulous Piperlime.  If you are willing to comb through some remaining inventory, and can deal with not being able to return anything, there are some amazing finds to still be had! Use the code GOODBYE before April 20th at Piperlime at checkout for an additional 50 percent off.  Some of my farewell picks are below (all prices cited are post-coupon.)  Did you find anything great as this fabulous retailer wraps up?!

Piperlime Trench || 25 USD

Wild Heart Dress || 22 USD

Cameo Night Tale Dress || 75 USD

Fashion Formulas

Solving Style : Emma Stone

1|| Striped Sweater || House of Fraser

2|| Polka Dot Skirt || Comme Des Garçons

3|| Black Pump || Pretty Little Thing

I was so taken by this darling look from our dear Emma because in literally four pieces you look at once classic, current, and completely put together! You could also definitely scout these pieces all at a lower price point – but investing in stripes and polka dots will never steer you wrong! I wanted to get Emma’s exact sparkly look but in real life, I’d probably trade the top for something with a bit less pizazz and wear this outfit to one of the many wedding or baby showers I’ll be trotting out to this spring.  Do you mix these bold patterns? Tell me all about how you master this fashion formula in the comments!
Beauty Formulas

Life Is Too Short to Wear Bad Lipstick

Life is Too Short to Wear Bad Lipstick

Lipstick Love

Let’s keep the spring love going! To me, spring lips aren’t just about a light gloss.  I’m nuts about brights,  matte shades, and getting a little bold with color!  These lovelies above are year round obsessions for me, but I am especially into fuchsia and pinks for this season.

1 || Revlon || Just Bitten || Lovesick

This is one of my top five drugstore picks of all time! For under $10, you get incredible color payoff, amazing staying power and a really nice texture.  This beauty also has a yummy mint flavor, so it’s a refreshing touch up mid-day! Lastly, these magic little tubes seem to last forever, so you get a lot of wear out of any of these colors.

2 || BITE || Lush Lip Gloss || Whipped Cherry

The BITE glosses are delicious! Yes delicious I say!  Their products are all natural, allowing us to feel like we’re practically taking a vitamin as we swab on these beauties.  What was fairly recent news to me, was the joy that is the “BITE Lab.”  Have you heard of this?! At the BITE Lab you can make your own gorgeous custom color in any of their products, add a flavor, and try all sorts of beautiful bespoke combinations.

3 || YSL || Rouge Volupte || #11 Rose Culte

I’ve posted on the virtues of this color before; Rose Culte is the perfect not-quite-red-not-quite-pink lipstick that you need in your life year round.  It is especially gorgeous this season as a little bit of a stain, so blot this beauty on your lips and pucker away to get a perfect kiss of color!

4|| YSL || Vernis a Levres Glossy Stain || #14 Fuchsia Dore

The consistency and texture of this product is something that you either love or hate.  I’m in the love camp, because it’s shiny, thick balmy texture nearly freeze dries to a perfect long-lasting coverage.  It is not at all moisturizing and leaves your lips feeling almost a little bit tight.  For that reason, I actually like to mix the Glossy Stain with one of the Voluptes if I’m up for reapplication during the day.

5 || NYX || Soft Matte Lip Cream || Addis Ababa

I have a wider variety of colors in this product than any other lip doo-dah I own! This is another product you’re either squarely in one camp or the other.  While these have circled the interwebs forever, one lesser known tip that I’d throw out there is to be sure to purchase these online somewhere like ULTA to help ensure that they are fresh.  If you happen to pick up a dud at the drugstore, it will be powdery and have a chalky finish.  (PS. If you know without googling what country calls Addis Ababa its capital, cookie for you! Sadly, this blog doesn’t dispense cookies, but that sure would be fabulous.)

6 || Too Faced || Melted Liquified Lipstick || Melted Fig

This is some very serious coverage for a lipstick! I love this lipstick in both the beautiful fig color and the very light neutrals.   I go back and forth with not loving my natural lip color, so what I adore about this lipstick is that it perfectly covers and gives excellent true-to-the-tube color payoff without being goopy or too thick feeling on the lips.  Also, if you are a blue or green eyed gal you need the fig color in your life; it makes your eyes pop and is a gorgeous purpley-pink!


Fashion Formulas

Touch of Suede

Touch of Suede

Ray Ban Aviators || Intermix Two Tone Bracelet || Marc Jacobs Bracelet || Michael Kors Double Wrap Watch || J.Crew Boots || Mango Hat || H&M Knit Sweater|| J. Brand Jeans

First off, I am immediately purchasing these killer sunglasses! They are carbon fiber friends, and you seriously will not find a more chic pair of sunnies this season.  Sold.  On to the other goodies, we have quite the arm party going in this look. so feel free to mix and match what your particular wrist love is.  I’d also suggest you get right on over to the crew if you are loving those suede boots, they are going fast because….uh…they’re $75 right now.  Exactly.  I’m really excited about taking my fall floppy hat into spring.  A fedora or straw hat doesn’t feel quite right to me until it’s super warm, and even then, I feel a little silly wearing something I normally reserve for the beach, on my head in the subway. To that end, this gorgeous topper will do just fine until it’s quite warm, and add a little something extra to my seasonal transition outfits.

Wardrobe Addition

Statement Necklaces For Spring

Kate Spade via Rent The Runway

Lately I’ve been in the mood for ridiculously large necklaces.  A statement necklace is an obviously simple way to jazz up any look!  My favorite way to wear one in spring is with a black maxi dress, slouchy booties, and a fitted leather jacket.  Something about the mix of a very bold piece of jewelry with other items that are traditionally a bit more of a boho style are a fun mix for me.  I snagged this stunner off of rent the runway, and I always forget that there is more to them than just their gorgeous dresses!  Sometimes all you really need is that accessory addition to make your outfit perfect, and it’s a great way to give your basics a completely new look.  How do you style such a statement piece?

Fashion Formulas

Night Out : Black and Gold

Night Out : Black and Gold

LUC LUC Black Dress || Kenneth Jay Lane Necklace || Jean Paul Gaultier Ring || DVF Clutch || Burberry Zip Front Bootie || Nars Lipstick || Stilla Eyeliner

A little black dress in a light crepe fabric added to peep toe booties is one of my favorite spring “night out” outfits!  Luc Luc is a new-to-me retailer, but I’d love to hear if you gals have found anything wonderful there and tried the store.  The piece that’s totally on my lust list from this set is that stunner Jean Paul Gaultier ring!  It is 60 percent off at, and is another lovely little bauble with high designer style and a low price.  Lastly, I think a bold look like this needs just a subtle and classic make up look.  A shiny black winged liner and a soft neutral peach lipstick give you polish and balance out the tough edginess of this look.