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Fashion Formulas

April Showers, Please No Flowers


I know that florals are such a go to for spring, but I almost always want to hang on to a little bit of that slouchy, cozy, fall feeling as the weather goes from frigid to crisp!  This is exactly the way I want to be put together on a Saturday in April running my errands – comfy denim and a soft, neutral, lightweight sweater set the stage.  A low-heeled suede boot (treated of course, be careful of those puddles!) and a crossbody bag keep me put together when I’m on the go.  One of my favorite layered looks also makes an appearance in this spring outfit, adding a long, tassel necklace to an infinity looped scarf is such a well balanced accessory pairing.  The length of a pendant necklace leans you out, and the scarf adds that face-framing sophistication that big fluffy scarves do so well.  Remember, when it comes to scarves (even in spring!) bigger is better and allows for more impressive looping.  Do you keep cozy neutrals around for spring?


Fashion Formulas

A Tisket A Tasket, an Easter Dress For Your Basket!

Easter Dresses
Clockwise, from top left:

Have you picked your Easter dress yet?!  Whether your plans include church and brunch, or milling around your city enjoying the gorgeous spring weather, Easter is the perfect excuse to add a new spring dress to your closet! To me, Easter calls for prints of some fashion.  I am a firm believer, however, that you don’t have to dive straight into the garden to get on board with this holiday’s spring spirit!  Some of these darling black and white printed dresses manage to be whimsical, but with a little more subtlety.  I have to admit that my favorite from the bunch is the Nicole Miller floral lace gown.  I would wear this Easter dress to a formal Sunday dinner.  The runner up for me is that darling polkadot midi dress.  The fitted shape and short sleeves keep it from being too vintage.  Be sure that your accessories for that dress are strong, architectural metals to avoid looking like a cartoon character.  Which of these Easter dresses would you pick?

Fashion Formulas

Rose Gold Outfits

Rose Gold outfit ideas


I absolutely love rose gold.  This gorgeous metal made a come back in the past few years, and it works so beautifully in your spring and summer wardrobe that I thought I’d solve it from this week’s wardrobe addition.  Which of these sets would you use to solve rose gold and work it into your wardrobe?


1||  Clare V Clutch  + Reiss Dress  + Trench Coat Similar + Charles David Pump + Marc By Marc Jacobs Watch + Kate Spade Studs + Nars Nude Scene + Nars Nail Polish Pastorale


This rose gold outfit has some of my favorite combinations.  Leopard and navy are a gorgeous match up, and manage to look as chic as a black pairing but are a bit more interesting.  Rose gold is a gorgeous addition to this Reiss dress, that can play serious double duty in your closet.  These extras move it into a cocktail hour ensemble, but it can get more neutral t-strap pumps and a cardigan for the office.


2|| Michael Kors Watch + McQ Pencil Skirt+ Rose Gold Sweater Similar + Cat Eye Sunnies + Bottega Veneta Clutch + Ivanka Trump Pump + Marc By Marc Jacobs Earrings


Rose gold comes to the office with a simple black pairing.  Here, I wanted to highlight how this blush sweater is the non-metallic sister to rose gold, so feel free to use liberally when pairing with this hue.   Pay special attention to your extras that aren’t the highlighted color; here we’ve made the clutch a matte woven so that it won’t compete too much with the shine of our other pieces.


3|| Sophia Webster Gladiator Sandal + Pave Gold Ring + Eugenia Kim Fedora+ Max and Chloe Python Cuff+ Kate Spade Phone Case + H&M Maxi Dress


I’m being pretty brazen here jumping straight past spring and dreaming of this summer look.  Of course here you’ll knot up the corner bottom of your maxi dress, so that these glitzy sandals are front and center.  You’ll be seeing a lot of straw fedoras on this blog – they’re my weekend go to for disguising sticky summer hair that has seen a little too much Manhattan humidity.
Asset Class

Striped Tee Shirt Dress

 A striped tee shirt dress in a ponte knit is a piece I reach for all year.  Right now, I still add tights and some ankle booties with a leather jacket as a topper.  In another couple of months, it gets a gauzy scarf, sandals, and a straw hat.  In a real pinch, it works poolside as something to throw on to make a run for drinks.  All of these have a great sleeve length with a perfect hemline for the weekend. (Longer sleeves can be a bit dowdy if the hemline here were any longer.) My favorite of the asset class choices today is the Old Navy pick. Can you believe it’s less than $20?! Old Navy does excellent dresses for spring and summer wear, and at the absolute value price point,  I never feel guilty if I have to replace them the following year.   We’ll be solving this style later next week and pairing this darling closet staple with a few different extras.  As this piece is also one of the staples of Parisian chic, I’m feeling like there’s a post on Parisian dressing for spring on deck.  How do you style your striped tee dress?

 Gold Standard

Striped Dress

Alice and Olivia || Striped Dress || 226 USD

Value Added

Splendid Striped Dress

Splendid||  Striped Dress || 118 USD

Absolute Value

Striped Dress

Old Navy || Striped Dress || 17 USD


Fashion Formulas

Outfit For A Creative Office

Creative Meeting


Marella Leather Jacket || River Island Skirt || Odin Boots || Michael Kors Purse || Chanel Lipstick || Tory Burch Earrings || Notebook

This gal is off to a meeting in a creative office! If you are in a little more conservative environment, then you’ll want to pick just one of the pieces above to work into your outfit.  This deep purple Michael Kors makes a great addition to your collection if you are looking for a pop of color! Unlike some other colored handbags, this purple is rich enough to work for three seasons.  I’m loving this little skyline notebook from Marc Jacobs! Not only is a cute notebook a way to bring some fun to your work day, but little designer accessories like this make high-style gifts!

Wardrobe Addition

Rose Gold Accessories : Wardrobe Addition 

Just when I think I’ve seen enough rose gold, I can be talked into this color palette again. From the shiny shoes to the lovely desk orbs, these little touches give you a hit of pink with that warm copper background that makes the blush hue a bit more grown up. I think my favorite piece here is that rebel barrette, which would be fabulous slipped in a braid or the edge of a bun for your weekend hair. Looking for a new way to wear rose gold in 2015? Pair this spring standout with navy for a different take on incorporating it with your neutrals.

Rose Gold watch

Glasses || Rebel Pin|| Michael Kors Watch|| Bracelet|| Naked3 Palette || Earrings || Desk Decor || Ted Baker Heels|| Key Ring