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February 2015

Wardrobe Addition


I simultaneously can’t shut up about being ready for warmer weather while hoarding sweaters like it’s October. Yes winter wear pickings are getting mighty slim, but if you’re a patient gal willing to invest in something that is going to spend the next few months in the back of your closet, then my friend, there are deals to be had. Boots are my preferred late February purchase – so many styles are timeless that you’re almost certainly guaranteed to pull them out in September 2015 and still be in love. Various retailers have the beloved Rag and Bone booties on crazy sale right now so if you are lucky enough to still find them in your size they are worth picking up!

Wardrobe Addition


While it seems like winter will never end here in Manhattan, I’m keeping warm by dreaming of lightening up my layers and eyeballing what my spring coat purchase will be! This year, the trench is getting a little more loose, draped, and an even sexier tight cinch with many of the wrap cuts. This trend works because it’s only slightly left of classic. To make this wardrobe addition last for a few more seasons, pick a neutral with no bells and whistles in the details and keep any buttons and ties classic. Will you be picking up a drapey trench?

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Ordered Pair

ORDERED PAIR: Nude and Metal


For our purposes on Elle’s Equations, an ordered pair will be shoes to lust after shown two ways.  This gorgeous mix of metals and nude lets you pair these beauties just as easily with white jeans as a spring shift.  Pops of tomato red or coral lips are the perfect brights for this tricky time of year before spring colors really come out in full force.

Fashionably Informed

LUXURIES: Oscars 2015

Tonight’s fashion super bowl served up the usual mix of jaw-dropping and eyebrow raising choices, so let’s dive right in, shall we?  Stars like Emma Stone, Laura Dern, and Anna Farris looked ravishing and get an honorable mention, but keep reading for for my top 5 best and worst dressed at the Oscars.  Whose luxe look did you love or loathe this evening?

Oscars 2015 Best Dressed

Jennifer Lopez

She might get flack for going so bombshell when she isn’t a nominee, but it can’t be denied that J-Lo showed up. No one does neutral and glowing like this gal.

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